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Office Systems

Deciding on a computer system that is just right for you can be a daunting task. Spending time before you buy on designing the most appropriate system, that can grow as your business does, will prevent expensive mistakes.

We help you discover WHAT you need by asking questions:

  • WHAT problem would you most like to resolve?
  • WHY do you need technology - to enhance your business, your knowledge or just for fun?
  • HOW will you will use it - tracking customers, inventory, online sales, financial management or internet browsing?
  • WHERE do you need it - at home, on the road or in the office?
  • WHEN do you need it - business hours, occasionally or 24/7?
  • WHO will use it - one person, a small group, long-distance users?
  • WHAT do you like - cutting-edge, bells and whistles or easy to use?
  • HOW MUCH - space, time and budget do you want to invest?
Off-the-shelf software, such as MS Office applications, financial or anti-virus packages can be both helpful and time-consuming. Let us fine-tune or customize your electronic software and applications, saving you time, money and headaches:

  • Customized electronic forms, letters, stationery and templates
  • Database design for mailing lists, customer records, inventory etc
  • Word, Excel or multi-media PowerPoint presentations
  • In-house training for Office staff
  • Consultation on new, appropriate software purchases.

Computer Hardware

Knowing when to upgrade to new equipment or to work with what you have can be confusing. We take the guesswork out of small business computing purchases by offering:

  • Objective audits on existing office machines
  • Performance monitoring and fine-tuning of old equipment
  • Memory and data storage capacity upgrades
  • Comparison pre-shopping advice on new equipment purchases.
System security is critical and should be routinely checked to ensure it is working correctly. Two simple steps can save hours of problems:

  • Regular, scheduled backups of critical data
  • Anti-virus and firewall software installed and updated regularly.


The name of the game in today's business world is "Communications, Communications, Communications". An efficient internal and external network will have an immediate and positive impact on your bottom line:

  • DSL or broadband Internet connections
  • Wireless portability
  • Secure ethernet LANs
  • File or printer sharing
  • Web site audits for usefulness and usability to ensure return visits

Accessible IT for People with Disabilities

People with disabilities make up almost 20% of the American population (U.S. Census Bureau - 1997). The Internet is often the single-most important way for people with visual, auditory, physical or learning disabilities to access much-needed information, services and goods. Ensuring your web site and electronic-based information is accessible to people with disabilities is not only helpful, but it makes good business sense and is, in some cases, required by law.

Let us give your business a strategic edge with advice on:

  • Website audits for accessibility and usability
  • Purchasing accessible electronic equipment and software
  • Section 508 compliance (federal law)
  • California Government Code 11135 compliance (state law)
  • Usability vs. accessibility - is your website easy to use or does it drive visitors away by being too complex or hard to use?
For more information regarding accessibility, disabilities and laws which might affect your business, please visit our Resources & Links Page.

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