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This Month's Tech Tip

Have you checked recently that your backups are working?

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Small Business Computer Solutions

Just starting out and don't know where to begin to choose the computer systems for your new business? Do you have an idea of what you want but not the time to make it happen? Do you think there must be a solution "out there" but don't know what it is? Let us help you to make your way through the technology minefield!

We partner with small businesses, professional firms and people working out of home offices, within the San Francisco Bay Area to provide one-stop computer solutions and advice.

Our solutions are useful and usable, affordable and accessible to all, regardless of technical know-how, ability or disability.

Please contact us for a free initial consultation.

Building Relationships

We put the "Personal" back in "Personal Computing".

We believe that technology and personal relationships can and should work side by side to enhance our lives. Technology should fit the needs, budget, ability and comfort levels of a business.

To this end we work closely with our clients to provide the most appropriate computer-based solutions, irrespective of size or complexity.

A successful computer system is one which our clients understand and enjoy using and which measurably enhances their business.

Accessible IT for People with Disabilities

Information technology and the Internet can be critical tools for people with disabilities to access information, goods and services which might otherwise not be available to them.

We are committed to improving the opportunities for people with disabilities to access the power of the Internet through accessible technology.

We provide consultation and training on how to ensure web sites and office systems can be accessed by all people regardless of ability or disability. Accessible technology is not just a civil right but makes good business sense, too.

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